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Our Boat

A Sailing Boat from a Sailor Family

As being a Master on Oil Tankers travelling world wide, we are also owners of S/Y Loki for 3 years. With dedication and care I have been showing on my professional life, we are chartering Loki since 2020 under Mai Yachting brand. 


We, as a family of three with a baby girl, are spending our time on board our beloved Loki during our own free time. Thus, we are keeping her at tip-top condition with comfortable details and we are sure that our guests will enjoy their sailing vacation just as we do.


We have moved Loki, to Göcek, her home. Loki being your sole managed boat, all our effort and focus is on making sure all goes well with your vacation. You can get in touch with us for any questions or requests and in case you decide to spend your vacation with Loki, we are available 24/7 during your vacation.

Loki is a well maintained Jeanneau 44i 

Our boat, Loki, is a Jeanneau SO 44i which is a well known model and maintained in excellent condition. She is easy to use and equipped to meet your needs with high standards you deserve. She is described as "a well balanced boat, having the promised comfort and performance when needed".

Loki is regularly updated with highest standards  and is well above regular chartering standards compared to the other boats you can find on around similar age. She is recently equipped with an electrical powered outboard engine for our customers comfort. 

We are aiming to keep her at day 1 condition as much as we can and hoping you to get the same experience that her guests experienced for years.

About Us
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