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Charter Loki

Wonderful Agean Waters and Amazing Coast Is the Home of Loki


Our boat, Loki, is a Jeanneau 44i in a very good condition with very high maintenance standards. As being the only boat we operate, our keen interest and whole effort is to keep her in day 1 condition.

Being a sailor family and a Master mariner in merchant vessels, all the experience and effort is solely to make sure that our guests feel that things have been taken care of. 

We will be providing all your needs with priority of your and loved ones' safety in our minds, offering you the perfect  sailing experience; starting from your pick-up at the air port and supplying provisions / equipment as you desire. We know planning is the key for successful maritime operations, and so for our business.

Safety is always priority and we are dedicated for your problem free charter. All the equipment will have been checked and confirmed to be in good working order well before your arrival and make sure you feel comfortable and well supported with any issues might arise during your vacation. That's why, we will be at your service and support 24/7 though out your vacation.

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